5 Top Gin and Tonics to drink this autumn.

5 Top Gin and Tonics to drink this autumn.

I love this time of year, when the trees have turned those love autumnal reds and oranges, the leaves are rustling and crunching underfoot and the heat of the summer is slowly declining. It is at this time of year when I start to relax in an evening next to a nice warm fire with a gin and tonic in my hand; autumn is well and truly upon us. 

Here I've put together my 5 favourite gin and tonics to give you that autumnal feel.


1. Conker Dorset Spirit

Served with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and a sprig of rosemary to garnish. This is a must-try combination, everyone surprisingly loves it! Both this gin and tonic have herb and floral notes which complement each other resulting in one of my favourite G&Ts. 

 Conker Spirit Gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, a balloon glass with gin and tonic and a sprig of rosemary 2. Two Birds Old Tom

Served with Originals Classic Tonic Water and a swirl of orange peel. For those that like the more citrus flavours, this gin provides the punchier notes of sweet citrus which when mixed with the tang of this Spanish tonic water and the essential oils from the orange peel, produces a taste tingling drink.

 Two Birds Old Tom Gin and Originals Classic tonic water and a balloon glass3. Foxdenton Estate Sloe Gin 

Served with Walter Gregor's tonic water. I don't know about you, but I have always thought that sloe gin should be drunk neat and if you’re out on a cold winter's day, it does a great job of warming you up from within!  However, I have recently changed my opinion and having tasted the sloe and Walter Gregor's tonic together it makes a long fruity cocktail which is perfect as a pre-dinner drink.

 Foxdenton Estate Sloe Gin and Walter Gregor's tonic water and an Ice and a Slice hiball glass4. Opihr Oriental Spiced gin 

Served with Fever Tree Ginger Ale and a slice of lime and root ginger. For those non-tonic drinkers and those who like a bit of spice this is the G&T for you. This gin and tonic combination work so well, with the smooth spice and citrusy notes of the gin enhanced by the warming ginger and citrus lime - great served alongside a curry!

 Opihr Oriental Spiced gin and Fever Tree Ginger Ale some root ginger and a wedge of lime

5. Madam Geneva gin 

Served with Walter Greogr's Spiced tonic water and a garnish of orange and star anise. The citrus and aniseed notes of the gin pair together with the warming cinnamon, clove and orange - one to get you in the Christmas mood.

 Eccentric Madam Geneva Gin with Walter Gregor's Spiced tonic water a wedge of orange and an Ice and a Slice botanical pot of Star Anise



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