A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 3

A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 3

Meanwhile, another lady had her eye on Sir Robin, her name was Madame Geneva.  She was a French teacher from Liverpool.   Madame Geneva saw how much Robin and Rose had fallen in love and when she overheard Rose talking about her favourite sweets she came up with an evil plan so that she could marry Robin herself and become queen of the kingdom.

The day after the ball, with a very sharp needle, she poisoned some rhubarb and custard sweets and scattered them around the forest in the hope that Rose would find them and fall into a deep, deep sleep.

One afternoon, after Rose had finished her chores for Lady Tottering, she lay in her bathtub dreaming of Robin, and thinking about the beautiful gins they could make together.  Keen to find some new botanicals in the forest she headed out into the cool evening. As she was walking, she saw her favourite sweets lying on the ground.  Not wanting to see them go to waste, she picked up the sweets and ate them, leaving a trail of empty wrappers as she went. At six o’clock she collapsed at the edge of the silent pool.


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