Summer time (almost)

Summer time (almost)

The weather might be playing with us currently (well rain can hear bank holidays coming) but we have had a taste of summer, the BBQ was cleared of cobwebs, friends summoned and the taste buds demanded summery, fresh drinks - Gin and Tonic was the cry!

Tastes across the group vary as you would expect but we persuaded those usually handcuffed to the beer or wine glass that small batch, craft gin and tonic was very different to the traditional Gordons and Schweppes. They agreed to give a craft gin a go and we certainly have a few converts now.

Favourite Summer Gins (so far)

  • Prosecco with a dash of the wonderful fruit gins from Foxdenton Estate (my personal favourite was the plum but they all give you a variant on a Kir Royale)
  • Martin Miller with tonic, a slice of cucumber and lemon peel
  • Passion in the Ocean - our house cocktail with Gin and Passion fruit Vodka - it sings when the sun shines.
  • Gin cup - blend fruit gins, add lemonade, peel and cucumber and plenty of ice. We love this as we can experiment with the blend to get our perfect summer drink rather than settling for a bottle of Pimms.

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