We are in the Daily Mail!

We are in the Daily Mail!

We have been mentioned in the Daily Mail Online as their retailer of choice for Lucscombe Elderflower Tonic water.

The article is about Fever Tree and how Tim Warrillow and Charles Rolls have taken their idea of producing a posh tonic and made the success of Fever Tree mixers.  Having told their story the article then asked the question as to whether posh mixers really perk things up.  With a bottle of gin in hand a drinks expert sets to work comparing a number of tonics in the mixer market to see how they rate when added to gin.  The Lucscombe Elderflower stands up well in this test and is rated 8 out of 10. 

Jo and I, however, have some reservations over the way in which these tonics have been tested.  We have written to the Daily Mail and explained that only testing them against one gin does not give a true representation of the tonic itself.  We explained that there is always a gin for each tonic water, which when put together, along with the right garnish, will provide an outstanding and very delicious drink.  When matching a tonic with a gin, it is important to look at the flavour profiles of both the gin and tonic together and determine if the profiles will compliment or clash with each other. So those tonic waters which have scored low in this taste test, such as the Merchant's Heart tonic, Jo and I would rate a 9 out of 10, if mixed with a gin such as Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength and garnished with chilli and coriander.

If you would like to read the article please click this link.  

Article from the Daily Mail comparing 10 tonic waters with reference to Ice and a Slice

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