Which Craft Gin Gift?

Which Craft Gin Gift?

You might be new to our site and want to know how to select the right craft gin gift for you - you will be pleased to hear that we have a number of different options for different tastes and budgets. 

Glasses are a popular choice starting at £18 for a pair and are sure to be pride of place in the cupboard. A balloon shaped glass will let you fully appreciate the full aroma of the gin, tonic and botanical of choice (and the stem design prevents your hand melting the ice) although a lot of people like the feel of a hiball in their hand. As you might be aware, a lot of people are now adding botanicals to their drink to enhance the flavour and really dress the glass up - we do sets of 3 and 6 pots of botanicals of your choice and they really make an unusual gift.

If you are after something to fill the glass then look at the single craft gin bottle gift sets - available in our beautiful top quality black box - just add a bow and you are all wrapped up! These boxes are so beautiful that we have even had people return them back (empty) as they thought they were too good to throw away! For something unusual then you could try some of our wonderful fruit gins in either double or triple gift sets - perfect on their own, on ice or added to champagne or prosecco (similar to a Kir Royal but vary the flavour by mixing the different gins). At the food show last Christmas a customer returned the fruit gin they had just bought from another stand as they thought the Foxdenton Estate Damson Fruit Gin was the best fruit gin on the market and we absolutely agree!

The Triple Tipple Gin Collection is our top selling product - people love this range as they have the ability to select complimenting or contrasting gins and with the variety of craft gins on offer, you can really match them to the personality of the gift recipient. They come in a number of bottle sizes (20cl and 35cl) so you can pick the box to suit your budget. If you are stuck with which bottles to add then please drop us a line and we will be more than happy to give you some advice.

For those looking for a truly indulgent gift then nothing tops the Gin and Tonic Tasting Party Box. It has 4 different craft gins and 4 different craft tonics to pair them with together with some accessories, you can host your own tasting night with friends (prefect for a weekend cottage break or hen do) or enjoy experimenting with the flavours over the weeks. Should this not have the wow factor then look at the Grand-Daddy of gin bottles - the Goliath Sloe gin bottle from the Foxdenton Estate. This bottle is a full gallon of Gin - yes equivalent to 6 bottles of gin and would be the perfect centrepiece at the end of a wedding with coffee or a gift for a host at a shoot.

We pride ourselves on having the perfect gift for any occasion, wedding gift, birthday present, valentines or mothers day - and corporate gifts at Christmas or any time of year. If there is something else that you are after then please contact us and we will work out how to delight you.

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