Bottle of Half Hitch, 70cl artisan gin
Bottle of Half Hitch, 70cl artisan gin
Half Hitch Gin with a Black Magnetic Bottle Gift Box
Black magnetic gift box with white branded Ice and a Slice tissue paper

Half Hitch Gin, 70cl, ABV 40%

Half Hitch gin, is distilled at West Yard Camden Lock. Known as 'The G with the Tea', it is blended using tinctures of Malawian Black Tea and Calabrian Bergamot, with an additional complement of English wood, pepper and hay.  The citrus Bergamot provides a natural cross between a bitter orange and lemon from the ancient citrus groves in Calabria, Southern Italy.

On the palate there are spicy notes of bell pepper and juniper with the sweet orange, nutmeg and rich black tea.

Suggested serve - a slice of pink grapefruit and a large splash of Thomas Henry Tonic Water or for a lighter option Peter Spanton No. 1 London Tonic

Have you thought about....adding a gift boxed pair of branded Ice and a Slice Hiball or Balloon glasses to your order and serve your gin in style!