Our Favourite Original Triple Tipple with 2 x 20cl and 1 x 35cl bottles of Craft Gin
Our Favourite Original Triple Tipple with 2 x 20cl and 1 x 35cl bottles of Craft Gin
20cl bottle of Two Birds Old Tom craft gin
35cl bottle of Foxdenton Original 48 craft gin
20cl bottle of Poetic License, Northern Dry Gin.  Clear bottle with natural cork stopper

Our Favourite Original Gin Tasting Gift Set

This is our favourite Original gin tasting gift set with three bottles of artisan gin.  Our tasting sets made a great present or corporate gift giving the recipient 3 very different gins to try.

This gift includes 1 x 35cl and 2 x 20cl bottles of gin:

  • Foxdenton Original 48 Gin, 35cl, ABV 48% - From the Foxdenton Estate, classified as a herbal gin, it combines juniper with lime and lemon, together with coriander spice and earthly angelica. Awarded 2011 IWSC Silver Medal Winner and Silver Outstanding Gin in 2014.
  • Two Birds Old Tom, 20cl ABV 40% - Old Tom Gin (or Tom Gin or Old Tom) is a gin recipe popular in 18th-century England.  The name derives from the unusual Tom cat shaped plaque that hung outside the gin houses at the height of the Gin Craze. Countryside Spirits Two Birds have refined the recipe but the gin still retains the slightly sweeter taste which made it so popular.  The distillery, based in Market Harborough, produces in small batches of 100 bottles at a time.
  • Poetic License Northern Dry, 20cl, ABV 43.2% - Using Juniper, Cardamom, Pepper and Citrus this is a punchy gin with a warm and spicy flavour.  With undertones of lemon and eucalyptus, the inclusion of Persian lime intensifies the citrus feel while adding a note of perfume.

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