A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 2

A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 2

Elsewhere in the kingdom there was a handsome prince, called Sir Robin of Locksley. Robin’s father, the King of Soho was a member of the Mandarin Dynasty and wanted Robin to marry a beautiful princess. So, the King planned to hold a ball for Robin’s birthday and he invited all the rich and beautiful women of the kingdom. The King planned lavish entertainment including 47 monkeys doing card tricks, an elephant on a trampoline and the court jester, young Tom, telling jokes from the stage. 

Robin was not one for pomp and circumstance.  He preferred the simple life and to spend his days exploring the forest hunting for botanicals.

Lord and Lady Tottering were among the invited guests and Lady Tottering asked Rose to help her get ready for the ball and be her lady in waiting.  This was a great privilege for Rose and she bought herself an elegant red dress and her honey coloured hair fell loosely over her shoulders.

As she walked into the room behind Lady Tottering, she saw Robin, standing on his own at the bar, drinking his favourite gin.

Their eyes met across the room and it was love at first sight. They danced and drank gin all evening. They talked about their shared love of foraging for botanicals and eating rhubarb and custard sweets. At the end of the evening there was a fly past by three spitfire planes who roared through the night sky.  Rose knew that Lady Tottering wanted to make a hasty retreat back to the house so before Robin could ask her to marry him, Rose had to leave.


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