A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 4

A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 4

That same evening, Robin was hunting for botanicals in the forest.  Under a large conker tree he spotted some litter on the floor. Picking it up to take it to the nearest bin he noticed that it was a sweet wrapper.  And not just any sweet wrapper, for they were rhubarb and custard, Rose’s favourite.  Thinking nothing of it he popped it into his pocket and carried on through the forest. Before long, he found another wrapper, and another until it turned into a trail of sweet wrappers.  Robin was starting to feel quite concerned for the welfare of Rose and followed the trail until he came to find her, fast asleep next to the silent pool.  Unable to stop himself he scooped her up in his arms, told her how much he loved her and gave her a long lingering kiss.  Rose awoke and seeing Robin, said “I love you”.  “Will you marry me?” asked Robin. “Yes” came her reply.


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