A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 5

A Valentines Gin Love Story - Chapter 5

The following week was spent planning the wedding of the year.  Robin bought Rose a sapphire engagement ring.  The King of Soho invited the great and the good in the kingdom to the wedding which took place in the shadow of the fifth spire of the castle. They celebrated the wedding with lemon drizzle cake topped with fresh violet petals.

The happy couple went off on their honeymoon on a boat from Plymouth and sailed off into the ocean with mermaids swimming all around.

Robin and Rose set up their own distillery with botanicals foraged from the forest and they lived happily ever after.


Don't forget......to enter our competition read the blog each day this week and identify all the products from our website that are hidden in the story.  Email us at info@iceandaslice.co.uk by midnight on Sunday 10th February.  First email with the correct list of products will win a bottle of Eden Mill Love Gin.  Good luck!

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