Does gin ever go bad?

Does gin ever go bad?

Have you ever found an old bottle of gin, vodka or whisky in the bottom of your cupboard and wondered whether you should bin it or drink it? 

Well, if stored correctly, your bottle will be safe to drink for many years.  An unopened bottle of gin will remain unchanged. The only changes that might occur with an opened bottle of gin is that it will in time slowly evaporate and some of the flavour may disappear. 

So how should you store your gin? The best way is in a cool, dry, dark environment and keep the bottle well sealed.

Storing gin in your fridge or freezer has nothing to do with extending the shelf life, but all to do with making the most of your gin and tonic.  Gin should always be served cold, so the benefit of storing your gin in your fridge or freezer is that the ice in your drink will melt slower, resulting in less dilution to your gin and just in case you run out of ice, your gin will always be cold! 

As a word of caution, it is always best to double check your gin before consuming.  Pour a little into a glass and double check it's aromas and appearance - if these seem 'off' then discard it!

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