What is Genever?

What is Genever?

Genever is Dutch for "juniper", but it is not Dutch gin.

Genever or Jeneva is a predecessor to the style of gin that we know as London Dry Gin.  Made in Holland or Belgium, it is a blend of at least two distillates.  The first is a whiskey-like distillate made of corn, wheat and rye, also know as malt wine and the second is a juniper-infused distillate.  Traditionally, the base of Genever had a high percentage of first whisky-like distillate (15-50%), resulting in a clear spirit that had a similar weight on the palate and malty notes to whisky and a herbal component that is common with gin. This style of Genever is known as Oude or old, meaning that it is made in the old style.

A newer style of Genever also called Jonge, or young, has a much lower amount of the whisky-like distillate (up to 15%) which results in a lighter style of Genever. With both styles, Oude and Jonge, the spirits can contain sugar, adding to the richness and weight on the palate. Some Genever's might also include a third part that consists of malt wine re-distilled together with different botanicals.

So, if you like whisky and gin, this might just be the tipple for you!

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