A Gin Tasting Evening

A Gin Tasting Evening

Our gin tasting evening this weekend was for a 44th birthday party.  The Ice and a Slice team travelled to Preston to hold a Gin Masterclass for the occasion.  Having set up the table with ice buckets, garnish slices, botanical pots, tonics and goody bags containing the all important gin and tonic balloon glass, we were ready to commence.

Gin tasting table with goodie bags, tonics and garnishes

The 4 gins to be tasted were displayed on the gin shelf:

  • SteamPunk
  • Thomas Dakin
  • Half Hitch
  • Love Gin

the group then had 4 different tonic waters to match them with:

  • Thomas Henry Indian Tonic Water
  • Walter Gregor's Tonic Water
  • Dr John William Polidori's Cucumber Tonic
  • 1724 Tonic Water

Gin tasting 4 bottles of premium craft gins on a gin shelf

Having discussed the history of the gin and tonic the group set out to taste the tonic waters by themselves to get an idea of the different flavours they contained.  The group were very surprised that the tonics tasted so different.  Next it was time to add the gin and garnishes and get experimenting with the aromas and flavours. 

Gin tasting table with a selection of garnishes and botanical pots


The main findings of the night:

  • The group discovered that their favourite garnish with SteamPunk was star anise and a slice of cucumber. 
  • Adding a clove to Thomas Dakin brought out the pepperyness of the gin.
  • Mixing the cucumber tonic and a slice of cucumber to Half Hitch made a lovely, refreshing gin and tonic
  • Adding Walter Gregor's tonic water and a healthy number of strawberries to Love gin is delicious (even though the Walter Gregor's tonic was at the bottom of the list when the tonics were drunk on their own.)


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