Gin Tasting for Pippa 60th Birthday

Gin Tasting for Pippa 60th Birthday

On Saturday 18 November, we headed to Snowshill, Nr Broadway in the Cotswolds. Having driven through the very picturesque village of Broadway, we headed up the windy lanes to Snowshill. We were greeted by Pippa and shown into the lovely Oat Hill Farmhouse.  Pippa had invited us to host an Informal Gin Tasting for her 14 friends, who had all gathered together for a few days of fun and relaxation.  We got to work setting up, cutting up garnishes, unpacking the tonics, gins and pouring the welcome drink, Passion in the Ocean.  We were all set to being.

Goodie BagPassion in the OceanInside the goodie bag

Once everyone had been given their goodie bags and a welcome drink, we talked the group through the evening and how to taste the tonics, gins and think about the pairings.  The gins that we took with us were:

  • Eccentric's Madam Geneva
  • Eden Mill's Golf Gin
  • Two Birds Old Tom
  • Hunter's Premium Cheshire Gin
  • Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength
  • Half Hitch

... and the tonics were:

  • Thomas Henry Tonic Water
  • Originals Tonic Water
  • Lamb and Watt Original Tonic Water
  • Double Dutch Cucumber and Watermelon

Tonic and garnish table

Although we had given the group some guidance as to which gin, tonics and garnishes to pair together, the ladies had free rein and had fun trying and experimenting with some different combinations.  The Madam Geneva seemed very popular, especially garnished with star anise and the Two Birds Old Tom with a slice of orange and sprig of Thyme.

Thank you ladies for a fun evening!

Alex and Jo

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