Wedding Gin Bliss

Wedding Gin Bliss

Wedding season is approaching, delightful old cars are being coaxed into life after winter, dressmakers are getting blisters and mothers are fretting and trying hats! Craft Gin is certainly on the menu this season.

Gin bars are ousting Pimms on the lawn and miniature bottles are even making it as wedding favours (or how about miniatures as favours and a bucket of tonic, ice and a slice on each table as something truly different?) Stag and hen nights are changing too - people are looking for a bit more sophistication (well at least during daylight hours) and so what better than a gin tasting to start things off - we do a wonderful Gin Tasting Party Box that is perfect for 8-10 people. If this does not quite meet your needs (group size etc) then please drop us a line and we will be sure to delight you.

Wedding gifts are tricky now too - many people co-habit before getting married and so no longer need the usual china and pans - what is better than a beautifully presented craft gin gift - either three bottles in one of our Triple Tipple Gin Gift Sets or a beautiful single bottle in a gift box - Half Hitch somehow feels appropriate for a wedding or engagement present but there is something for everyone! We certainly find that we are able to give people something unique and that matches the recipient’s personality - our artisan gins are not available in any major supermarket.

Drop us a line if you have a wedding and are looking for something a little different such as a wedding favour, gifts for the ushers or bridesmaids or fancy a craft gin wedding list.